Monday, February 18, 2013


,all about him :) my YUU collection..

I love U
U is my favorite alphabet
U are the one i can't stop thinking about
U are the love of my life without a doubt.

,i'll keep writing about yuuu ♥

U are the song that i will put on repeat mode 
The lyrics i will keep singing and tweeting everyday
Someone may favorited and retweeted U
But hey U!, your mine :)


,U and I could be like Aladdin and Jasmine let's make it happen ♪♫♪

U, can we really be like Aladdin and Jasmine?
Can we fly together using our own magic carpet?
Let's explore and love all the wonders of the world.
My Aladdin, hold my hands, keep our eyes shut and fly high.

-what's with me? i'm getting crazier day by day :p

..Missing you is becoming a habit..."

I've been missing U
I miss U badly
I miss U bigtime
Arrggghhh! I hate missing U..

-S! ♥


,i'm crazy over U
I don't know what to do..
waaah i'm just singing, U silly!
Just make me smile :)

--kaechosan :P


..i love you,my angel.." ♪

I love U
U love me too..
Thank U 'coz despite of my dark side 
U remain and continue guiding me, my angel.




U, do i need to write another poem to make you realize what i truly want???

Oh i forgot! you knew what i always wanted
But you are U and you don't love me much to give what i am longing for so long
And despite of that, i don't know why i'm still holding on..

-- S! ♥

< U! >

U, it's been a while
I'm thinking a lot of why's
Is it time for me now to be wise??
Yeah, maybe i should start to forget you and just say "haiiiiissssttt!!!!""

-S! ♥

< U!! > ♥

..I'm a girl. I cry for stupid boys. My room is a mess. Sometimes music is my only friend. I'm not perfect. I will never be. But I'm me..."
- unknown, saw it on twitter and boom! relate much!! :P

,gotta stop posting my non-sense sweet rants!!! :P

,i just need to accept that "something's are not meant to be.."

or maybe still believe in one of my favorite lines ever..

>>>> yeah.yeah whatever!!! :P

-S! ♥

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