Sunday, February 24, 2013


edited version for him :P i don't want him to know that i'm crazy over him :)) though it's still obvious!! ayt!



Today is Valentines Day
You're all that i think about all day
Are you gonna make this for me a happy day?
Can i include on my list that this is one of the sweetest day?

Every minute i'm checking my phone,
Waiting for your text,
Wishing that you will call
And to make me more hopeless, I'm dying longing to see you standing at my door.

Every seconds i think of your smile,
Our sweet last conversation that keeps playing on my mind,
the unlimited i love yous
And yes, even your sexy yawn is stuck on my head.

Today is just like any other day
Your the apple of my mind everyday
The little things from you always makes my day
Being with you is undoubtedly the sweetest day

Being beside you is all that i want each day
Not to mention the hugs and kisses
For me, with you is always a heart's day.

Your my chocolate , i'm craving to bite you
Your my flower, i'm addicted to your scent
Expensive gifts? I don't need other things, All that i want is mewithyou time"
So babe, do you figured out what this letter means???



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