Wednesday, January 30, 2013


,for him!!! 

,i dont mind if you have all the riches in the world,
just give me the sky..

you promised to be the wind that will keep me warm
and to make me feel that your always with me even when we're apart..
my heart melted when you said that you want to be the air that i breathe..
your voice telling those words become music to my ears..
my mind loves to repeat it over and over..

we perfectly dance through the long music of love
then suddenly it faded without signal.
worst, we both hurt the foot of one another..
the dance ended,and we didnt jive ever as we try to dance hundred times..

as u keep wanting to dance with me again 'cause you think we're drawn to each other ..
it hits to me, your not the only one who can dance with me..

***kinda relate on my poem..
do u know y?? tell me why.. what do you think??


--S! ♥

crazy inlove..

,crazy in love ♥ LOVE.LOVE. i love you :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


,so true!! one of my favorite lyrics.. :)) LIFE!!

Life's a beach!

Life's a beach. We are all bitches. Admit it! Live life to the fullest.. Love it.

Mt. Pico Experience :)

1st hiking ever!! ofcourse i made time to emote on the peak of the mountain :P God is with us throughout our climb. Thank you Lord..


1st english poem i wrote :) dedicated to him!


 ,i'm just RIGHT here
on the same spot where he LEFT me..

,he LEFT me and i'd like to believe
it's the RIGHT thing for him to do..

 our HEART is on the LEFT side
 but soon enough my heart will be in the RIGHT..

                                                                      RIGHT NEXT TO HIS.. <3

                                                                       don't know until when..
                                                                        but i will wait for him
                                                                        till the RIGHT time comes..

                                                   *** tell me i'm crazy, but all i want is you <3


Monday, January 28, 2013

Do something, S! ♥

,i want to do a lot of things, but i'm doing nothing!!
aiiiissstt!!! LIFE :p