Monday, February 11, 2013

Brian's Song!

,my random thoughts one midnight.. 

Brian's Song ♥

Staring at the ceiling
listening to brian's song
Two guys enter your mind
The lad you want to spend forever with 
and the man who loves you since your first cry unto the world.

♪♪♪ As she walks down the aisle 
at the arm of her father.. ♪♪♪

Every girl's dream is to feel that magic moment

But for some that wonderful moment will never be..

Boys if your reading this, treat your girl right
love them with all your heart, be faithful and stay inlove.

When you marry the woman you love
You got to learn how to balance
Work hard, for the future you both dreamed of
Love, as you both promise forever

Always remember, in every relationship
There will always be struggles
Never surrender, talk it over and over
And don't say it's over, let love take over.

Don't wait the wind tap your shoulder
Or get the punch from the heaven.
Make his princess your only star
He's just watching above the sky.

Girl, don't weep he also dreamed to entrust  you
to the one who will sweep off your feet.
It's just that  some dreams will remain as a dream
Oh well, continue livin' life... 

--- ansabaw!!! something's lacking dq alm qng anu haha!!! watak watak ideas hohoh..
feel free to comment, so i can improve??? hmmm kakaririn haha!!!! 



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