Monday, February 11, 2013


again and again.. i was able to wrote this poem because of him!!!

--uncertainty </3

,I'm dying for your love
But you keep ignoring me,love
Is there still future for our love?
Say it to me,my love.

I love you, i truly do
but when i'm counting the efforts you made,
I always found myself broken
But you have your undefined magic to make me whole

Your voice is an irresistable one
Your smile can brighten many
Your eyes can tell thousand emotions
And your touch can make all wonders.

,Oh boy, i can't finish this poem
Don't know how will i end this
Can't think of other words except YOU
Are you thinking of me too??

---naahhh piga c utak, kaya walang ppatunguhan ang piece qng 'to hohoh pero ipopost q pdn haha..pacenxa nln sa ngbasa.. uncertainty can make u :)))



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